How to deploy Genoscapist?

Code distribution

Clone the GitHub repository
$ git clone

Local deployment

  1. Create a virtual environment
    $ python3 -m venv venv
  2. Activate the virtual environment
    $ . venv/bin/activate
  3. Install Flask
    $ pip install Flask
  4. Install psycopg2
    $ pip install psycopg2
  5. Export environment variables (development mode here)
    $ export
    $ export FLASK_ENV=development
  6. Configure the application by editing the file
  7. Launch the Flask application
    $ flask run

Genoscapist is accessible from the provided URL.

Apache WSGI deployment

Files location for the example:

  • Genoscapist GitHub repository in /home/deploy_app
  • virtual environment in /home/deploy_app/venv

  1. Create a file in /home/deploy_app directory that contains:

  2. Create a file in /home/deploy_app directory that contains:

  3. Create a genoscapist.conf file in /etc/httpd/conf.d directory that contains:

Genoscapist is accessible on http://[base_url]/genoscapist.